'We employed Kenny in order to assist us in the design and on-going maintenance of a series of Risk-Adjusted model portfolios. Kenny also provides us with on-going monthly analyses, periodic rebalancing exercises and general research. For years now Kenny has chaired our Investment Committee meetings where I include all my staff as they gain much from Kenny's description of topical events and market outlook. We are very satisfied with Kenny’s input and are pleased to have him and his team as a key resource.'
Douglas Mitchell DipPFS
Managing Director, Wealth Professional
As a discretionary investment manager ‘ I have found Kenny Edmond extremely helpful and highly knowledgeable of all aspects of global investments. In my years of dealing with him his recommendations have produced exceptional risk-controlled performance.’
Gillian Bailey BA (Hons) ASIP, Chartered FCSI
Investment Director, Quilter Cheviot
‘Kenny has designed and written bespoke investment reviews for a number of my clients for several years now. My clients very much appreciate these reports, which can take the form of summary versions or fully comprehensive investment reviews. Kenny is very professional, completely reliable and a pleasure to work with. I have found him to be attentive and knowledgeable in all areas financial, and especially competent in areas of portfolio constitution on behalf of clients of my firm.’
Mike Chaffe
Partner, Charcroft Baker
'Kenny has acted as our Financial Consultant and Chair of our Investment Committee for many years. As a result of his recommendations, our model portfolios have produced a marked outperformance against benchmark. He is very capable of handling complex and difficult tasks and his company produces all our Investment Reviews which we present to our clients - the format is unique and this design has been instrumental in gleaning referrals and consequently helping to grow our business.'
Alan Ellis DipPFS, A.P.M.I
Managing Director, Alan Ellis Financial Services Limited
‘We have commissioned a few special projects which were returned very quickly and completed to a very high standard. One example was general research on active v passive fund performance which was instrumental in winning us a £2m investment in a competitive situation. Kenny is very detail conscious and leaves no stone unturned, in our experience. We have found that Kenny is credible and can source background material to support his views and recommendations i.e. meetings with fund managers etc. Strong also on fund v fund comparisons when fund changes recommended. Kenny’s control of investment committee process and detailed rationale has left us feeling secure about our process.’
David Robertson
Director, Macarthur Denton Asset Management Limited